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Welcome to LVX Florida




Introducing a revolutionary "green" lighting technology that provides energy-efficient lighting while delivering more secure broadband communications and wireless network services.

Even more impressive, it can pay for itself through cost savings.

LVX Florida is a lighting and communications technology services company that provides energy efficient lighting and secure broadband wireless network services using visible light.

Simply put, it's fiber optics without the fiber®.

The LVX System of companies is the first visible light wireless communication service provider in the world. Our patented technology uses high power, solid state LEDs (light emitting diodes) to provide general illumination, and visible light wireless communication with broadband capabilities and greater security. LVX is the future of optical wireless communication!

Sound amazing? It is. In fact, it's revolutionary. And we invite you to learn more about our service offering, and the cost-saving benefits LVX technology can deliver your organization.



City of St. Cloud signs agreement with LVX Minnesota for energy-efficient LED lighting technology and Visible Light Communication services.


St. Cloud Minnesota Mayor Dave Kleis (right) and LVX System CEO John Pederson (left) following the signing of the agreement which makes St. Cloud the first city in the world to use this technology from LVX System. Read Release


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LVX is also an acronym for Light Visually (X) Transceiving. This is the heart of our technology; it will change the way you live.